LCD interfacing with PIC16f877

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hi all, i m trying to display some text on LCD using pic16f877 but
unable to get that.......... only backlight turns on in LCD
 circuit diagram i have made is as follows:
pin 1 of pic to reset button( i hav conncted reset button through pull
up resistance of 9.7k n it is at +5v when reset button is not
8 MHz crystal with 22pf cap on 13 n 14 pin
12 n 31 pin ground
11 n 32 pin to +5 V
pin 27 t0 30 connected to pin 11 to 14 pf LCD respectively
{LCD -   PIC
VSS      GND
vdd       +5v
vee      4k7 reostat
rs         RD2
rw        gnd
e        RD3
d0      gnd
d1     gnd
d2     gnd
d3      gnd
d4      rd4
d5      RD5
d6      RD6
d7      RD7    }
pin 21 to pin 4 of LCD
pin 22 to pin 6 of LCD
lcd pins 1,5,7,8,9 n 10 are grounded
pin 2 of LCD connected to +5 V
n pin 3 to variable rheostat of 4k7
of square wave
m unable to get the prob.
plzzz help

Re: LCD interfacing with PIC16f877

Looks good so far....

More questions you need to answer or simply do...
1) when you compile your code do you get any errors?
2) need to post your code,
    ->may be something as simple as incorrect timing for the
initialization sequence from pic to lcd or somethng even more
problematic like poor coding or incorrect setup of config word

anywho my 2 cents

On 29 Apr 2007 10:43:53 -0700, wrote:

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Re: LCD interfacing with PIC16f877

Also, put pot say 2K on contrast line. Tie pin1 of pot high, pin3 of pot
low, and pin2 of pot to pin3 of LCD. When program running and LCD lit up,
adjust until you get text on screen, (or for an unitialize LCD screen, first
row of black squares). Once you fix contrast, leave pot alone.


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