Xpower DDR3 2000 won ECONO Award

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SILICON POWER Xpower DDR3 2000 won ECONO Award from CHIP, Poland
For more information pls check below link:
http://www.matinmemory.com/Default.aspx?PageID3D%52&RelatedID3D%OPezOUtpOPe =
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Tested by Poland popular IT media- CHIP, Silicon Power Xpower DDR3
2000 stood out from 12 competitors, won the ECONO award from Poland
CHIP magazine. E2%809C%If you are planning to build a powerful computer an=
need a high performance DDR3 to be the spine without spending much
money, Silicon Power Xpower DDR3 2000MHz is the best solution on the
market!E2%809D%, the editor Greg Glonek said. Silicon Power whole new Xpow=
DDR3 2000 is economical and features high speed, low voltage and
stability to meet the needs of enthusiasts and gamers!
Since Silicon Power unleashed Xpower DDR3 overclocking series, it has
received various editorE2%8099%s recommendation from worldwide continuousl=
The oblique groove heat sink design and pure aluminum material,
increases the heat dissipation area of the heat sink and can provide
up to twice the heat dissipation ability over standard heat sinks.
Comprising of superior specifications, speed and low latencies, it is
the boost juice for all-round performance needs. The high memory
module capacity is perfect for photo / video editing and gaming
requirements. Pay less to enjoy the high performance, Xpower DDR3
2000MHz deserved the CHIP ECONO Award and recommended to all desktop
users and gamers!

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