Who have compiled the PHP successfully with uClibc?

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Dear all,

Recently, I am working with emdded linux in a mips platform. And the system
is compiled with uClibc, now I wanna my thttp server support PHP, can parse
the PHP scripts. When I compiled PHP, there are some errors, I am trying to
crack them now.

Who have compile the PHP successfully with uClibc? Would you like to let me
know your steps?

Thanks in advance..

Jason --

Re: Who have compiled the PHP successfully with uClibc?

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It depends on your version of uClibc and the web-server.

But, yes, I compiled it (for x86) under uClibc 0.9.19 and to be used with
busybox' (0.61.pre?) httpd with the following snippet:
--- snip ----------------------

if [ "x$UCLIBC_ROOT" == "x" -o "x$UCLIBC_USR" == "x" ]; then
  echo "Please set UCLIBC_* before configuring"
  exit 1

for f in config.cache config.h config.log config.status; do
  if [ -e $f ]; then
    rm $f

PATH="$/bin":$PATH \
CFLAGS="-ldl -march=i486 -L$/lib -I$/include
LDFLAGS="-L$/lib" \
./configure \
        --prefix=/usr \
        --disable-all \
        --build=i386-pc-linux-gnu \
        --host=i486-linux \
        --target=i486-linux \
        --disable-all \
        --with-pcre-regex \
        --enable-dba \
        --with-flatfile \
        --with-mcrypt \
        --with-gettext=$ \
        --with-zlib=$ \
        --without-openssl \
#       --with-openssl=$ \

echo "*"
echo "* recommend:"
echo "* ----------"
echo "* E3PATH make clean"
echo "* E3PATH make"
echo "*"
--- snap ----------------------
As you can see, you need to get your path'es right and then PHP (4.3.1)
works fine... BTW. I compiled uClibs w/o LARGEFILE!

Salut, Joerg

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