Which platform is better?

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I'm starting a project to build a new embedded gaming system.  The
system is going to have an embedded linux OS, and run games off a DVD rom.

 From a developers point of view..  What would be the best platform to
run on..  MIPS, PPC or x86?

And, a second follow up question would be?  Which graphics chips would
be best to work with in the embedded market?  Which ones would be easy
for development?  ATI, nVida?


Re: Which platform is better?
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Sparc.  Or maybe Alpha.  Possibly a Z8000.  Dragonball?  ARM?  There are
more than three processors out there.

Seriously, though, you need to think through a whole bunch of questions
before coming to any conclusions.  For example:
- How does development work?
- What is the power budget?
- What is your target price per unit?
- Do you need compatability with another device?
- What special needs do you require from the CPU (write expansion, various
  other multimedia bits, endian, addressable memory, memory protection model,

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You'll need to evaluate each one and see how they address your needs.
And, again, you need to understand what you want out of the video system
before you can start picking components.  How many shaded triangles per
second?  What does the chip interface look like?  Alpha planes?  Texture
mapping support?  Some manner of GL acceleration?

If you're only building one of these, I'd say just use a PC.  On the
other hand, if you want to build a million, then you'd better make
sure you've got a plan that will blow away Sony and/or Microsoft.

If you want deeper expansion, I'm available at my Standard Consulting

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Re: Which platform is better?
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Do you need an Alpha processor for this ? <gdr>
- Michael

Re: Which platform is better?
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x86 chips run hotter and take more power; that might be a problem for you, who

I think IBM's PPC is going to be used in future systems from
several major game companies.  That's the family I'd bet on.
- Dan

Re: Which platform is better?
Depends on price of the complete system, power consumption, processing
power, suggested lifetime of the series, availability of development


Re: Which platform is better?

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Thanks everyone for replying..

I'm leaning allot toward x86.  Because I want to develop a open
architecture system, and although MIPS or PPC is not exactly closed, x86
would be the easiest to develop for I'm betting.

Also, I'm thinking of using Mobile based Pentium chip.  Super low power
usage, very low heat, x86 platform, and dropping in price very very fast.

Still not sure what graphics chips to use though..



Re: Which platform is better?
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While the Pentium M certainly is a nice chip regarding performance and
low power consumption and scalabilaty of same, it's supposedly the most
expensive alternative. You might want to take a look at the Transmeta
series: quite high performance, very low power consumption and X86
platform. I heard that they just released a new high performance chip.


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