USB Networking with Familiar 0.71 and WinXP

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I've just installed Familiar 0.71 on an iPAQ 3835.  Following the
"Windows 95/98/NT/2K/XP" instructions at ,
I configured /etc/network/interfaces on the iPAQ, installed the Bahia
drivers on the PC, and activated Internet Connection Sharing on my
Ethernet connection.  At this point, WinXP machine was capable of
pinging the iPAQ's IP successfully, and I was even able to ssh into
the iPAQ with no problems.  However, the iPAQ not only had no Internet
connection, but was unable to ping the host box or do anything else
over the usb-eth connection.  The output of usbf from ifconfig -a
checked out fine.  I'm probably missing something obvious here :) ,
any help would be appreciated.


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