Another beginner needs help with the hardware side of things

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Hi everyone,
So, I've got an idea for an embedded linux box (who doesn't?) but I'm
a complete novice when it comes to embedded anything. I'm a programmer/
linux-in-general kind-of-guy though.

So, I want to develop a linux based wifi router to sell to the general
public. Since this is such a common product, and since I've got no
experience working with embedded linux, I was hoping that there would
be a pre-made board somewhere out there for me that I could just slide
into my own pretty case, add my own programming and be away. Does
anyone know if this is the case? Or will I have to go through all the
hardware design myself? It's just going to be a router, so I figure I
need hardware with a smiliar spec to the LinkSys WRT54G.

I'm also looking for some sort of costs to see if this idea is
feasible. LinkSys sell their router for about $50 . How much would it
cost be for to build a similar type of thing?

Thanks for any help you've got.


Re: Another beginner needs help with the hardware side of things
On Tue, 15 Jul 2008, in the Usenet newsgroup comp.os.linux.embedded, in article

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reduces the chance of your post being seen.  Find a real news server.

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You're posting from a search engine - didn't you try to use that before
posting?   Maybe you want to look at something like ''
right off the top of the head.  The 'RB433' family (triple 10/100
Ethernet only router) appears to be using a locally fabricated board -
no idea where they're assembling the stuff, but they're in Riga, Latvia.

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Have you tried buying one of their routers and 'popping the cover' to
see what they did, and where they got the hardware?

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Rules of economics - volume, cheapest costs possible.   As a really
crude guestimate, look at the parts cost to be APPROXIMATELY a tenth
of the retail price. Other places where money is going to be leaking is
the profit to the retailer, shipping/insurance to get the product out
to those retailers, _warranty_costs_ (unless your hardware and software
is really perfect), packaging, "documentation" (hah!), the cost of
quality-control inspection, labor to assemble the product, and the cost
of money needed between you buying the parts, and the retailer paying
you for the product. Oh, and don't forget the advertising costs and
any costs associated with having a place to put the stuff together.
You want to look at those costs very carefully, especially relating to
the skills of the assembly people. There really is a trade-off between
having drug-crazed monkeys doing the work for two bananas a day and the
cost or re-work/returns/scraping poorly built stuff.

        Old guy

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