The average open sourcerer

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The average open sourcerer

What is the average open sourcerer these days?

He/she got Linux intel PC, tablets running Linux,
some USB stick type of computer to play with,
a couple of USB and internet gadgets,
a couple of monitors, some bare board ARM PCs
running various distros from Android to Ubuntu,
a color MFC printer with the doors hacked and
connected upto CISS cartridges which are being
fed with very large bottles of ink,
a 3D printer, some electronic boards, a soldering iron,
and bench supply and oscilloscope.

They have membership of local hack spaces, and
have access to laser cutters, metal cutting plasma
torches - possibly CNC control to get dxf drawings cut,
routers to mill out 3D shapes, access to 3D scanners
to capture 3D objects as well wires, nuts and bolts
and all the sundries in between.

What are these open soucerors up to with today's
technology in the hands of sourcerers?

With 3D printers bleating away all the time,
the average open sourcers is capable of  
at least one new or custom product a week,

This is what the fastest most agile companies
were capable of 5 years ago, but now the power
to make it happen is in the hands of the open
sourcerers and they can make it happen in 1 week
with their own hands.

Products that rely on laser cutting take about
a few hours to make happen. Products that
require 3D printing take 2 to 3 days to happen.
Products that require a PCB require about 2 days
to design and about 1 week to get made.

(There is potential for PCB companies here to
note that faster PCB production can earn you
a lot more cash if you can do it at the same price
as the slower companies.)

Software is mostly images of Linux being loaded into
boards that are pre-made.  

(Again there is opportunities here to make cut and
paste open source boards available to make that
less expensive and more rapid to turn around a design
in under 1 day for PCB design.)

The final item needed to hack all the bits together to make
software and hardware work is a bit of scripting and
if requires a GUI then a screen and GUI system such
as Gambas will do.

(Again opportunity here as this type of drop in screen
and GUI development system is so hard to come by hindering
instant product development.)

So the open sourcerers of today are incredibly powerful
people able to make 1 product a week on average.

With this type of open sourcerers taking hold everywhere
there is massive opportunity for anyone who can
see where all the bottle necks are and fix it
by setting up fulfilment centers that specifically
address these issues.

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