Ubuntu phone sold out half a million in about an hour

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Ubuntu phone sold out half a million in about an hour

The Ubuntu phone flash sale of about half million
units seems to have sold out in an hour.
That inclusive of a NGIX server crash during the
middle of the flash sale.
Around 12,000 orders per minute selling at $190 per transaction.
They earned nearly $100 million in that hour.

The magic of open source products.

Anyone can train up in free open source software and
make gadgets and sell.

Canonical and BQ are doing it in the middle of a recession.  
With figures like $100 million being banded about,
the only thing stopping anyone else doing their own thing
is education in all things open source and Linux.

Participation has always been free.

The UK should rip up many of its failed proprietary computer science
and industrial education and go flat out on open source
education and participation as a way to making tons
of money from Linux and open source projects.

Dual Core A20 1.2GHz ARM CPU hits $7 but no UK engineers to make products


Probably a lot cheaper than this elsehwere.

But the real issue now is what to do with it?

Linux revenue stream is $2 trillion.

Some 20 million gadgets sold PER DAY with Linux inside.
The likes of flat TV, routers, IP Webcams, HD players,
MP3, MP4, MP5 players / recorders, DVD players, printers,
Android Phones etc all have Linux inside.

The only way to capitalize on this mega revenue
stream is to have trained Linux engineers ready to make
products to hand.

But UK has none.

Thanks to listening to trolls who don't want UK engineers
to gon on the prowl doing some real engineering and making
products with a difference and making some real money.

The UK has may be a less than a hundred out of the few thousand  
electronics engineers graduating
a year that can grasp this opportunity
and make money with it.

But it shouldn't be like that.
We are in a recession.
We should be spending money on training Linux engineers.

So the right thing to be doing is training vast armies
of Linux engineers so that they can go tap into
those Linux revenue streams by making products.

Projects like Raspberry Pi don't really train
anyone to take a big chip such the A20 CPU
and make a product with it, and sell it, and make money.

To make it happen good engineers needed.
It reality it means running software such as KiCAD
and drawing circuit boards, making circuit boards,
making Uboot work, and making the A20 boot an
OS like Ubuntu Linaro and compile and/or install
some decent packages like Apache, Gambas3, gcc and so on.

If you don't know how to do all that, you can't tap
into the the $2 trillion Linux revenue stream.

Very few academics available to do this kind of training.

The business secretary and government as a whole
need to wake up and face reality.

UK needs to fund more Linux specific education

Linux is found in at least 2 billion+ devices that got
sold last year. Everything sold in the high street
with electronics has Linux inside it. Flat TV, routers,
MP3, MP4, MP5 players, IP webcams, HD players, HD recorders,
set top boxes, freeview boxes, sat navs,
Android phones (which own 87% of global
smartphone and tablet markets), etc.

If UK government wants UK engineers to tap into the trillion
dollars of Linux facilitated revenue, then it needs to
spend more of its time and energy training up engineers.

Shamelessly collecting taxes from technology companies
that have done the right things and tapped into the Linux revenue
stream is not a good plan. The correct plan is to know
that there is such a thing as Linux, recognise it for its
huge revenue potential because it is in most
electronic products sold in the high street, and Linux has growth,
and then push the education system to turn out more engineers that
know their Linux to go tapping into more Linux revenues.
The market for Linux gadgets is already growing, and will
continue to grow in leaps and bounds over the years.
So any investment made now will be fruitful for decades to come.

Even arranging for 1 day to 1 week courses for admins to be sent
by their companies to train them in to Linux is good enough
an investment to start the ball rolling. And then publicise it
big time with subsidies to go with the offer and you know
people will start turning up.

Re: Ubuntu phone sold out half a million in about an hour
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Ubuntu phone unboxing.
7 minute video.

First 2 minutes are about the box.
Next 1.5 minutes is the phone booting.
Last 3.5 minutes are about how the phone has nothing the user wants.

Nice box... does it come without the phone?


Re: Ubuntu phone sold out half a million in about an hour

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iOS and Android are doomed.

OpenMedia, GreenPeace Supporter & SPCA Paw Partner

Re: Ubuntu phone sold out half a million in about an hour
On 02/16/2015 12:00 PM, Godzilla wrote:
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The really nice boxes come with a cherry, not a phone.

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