Re: Award BIOS / Linux (XFree86) / Geode questions

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 Just an idea - maybe applying the audio fix from 1.23 to the
code of 1.21, means you only have to find the audio block in 1.23 ?
 Have you tried talking with the Award bios people, or is Advantechs
a unique varaint ?

Re: Award BIOS / Linux (XFree86) / Geode questions
Hi Jim,

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This is basically what I want to do. However it's apparently not just
a matter of changing a timing constant somewhere. A lot of stuff has
been shuffled around between 1.22 and 1.23. Swathes of code, jump
tables and other data are different, even in unrelated areas.

The code is also very difficult to understand because it's a
combination of special SMM-mode code and regular code (e.g. code that
I thought was already running in SMM is writing to ports that are
trapped for SMM access - I thought this kind of double fault was

Also my question is: is that ROM segment checksummed over and above
the LHA compression integrity check? Can I hack with impunity?

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Didn't think of it, to be honest. I'm pretty sure they'll either not
respond or give me a cookie-cutter that says it's an OEM-customized
piece of firmware and they have no idea. But I'll give it a try,
thanks for the suggestion. Advantech claims it's a unique piece of
code, BTW, which I'm sure it is for small values of "unique".

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