Newbie UART question. Thanks

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I would like to connect two AVR 8535 uC with UART serial link by TxD and
RxD. I am using BASCOM-AVR.

I can use "print" command to show the desired value on terminal emulator
(default rs232 port to pc). However, I can not receive this value when I
transmit it by TxD (Port group D, pin1) and connected with a wire to other
uC RxD (Port group D, pin0). I've try to use command such as "input',
"waitkey", "inkey", "inputbin" to input, but still can't receive the value
from master uC.

I set bith crystal at 8MHz and Baud at 9600.

Could you guy please let me know What I did wrong.

Sorry guys. I solve in by printbin and inputbin

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Re: Newbie UART question. Thanks

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Suggest you join the BASCOM listserver : %

these guys sill be able to assist.


Don McKenzie
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thank you Don

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