Question on Xilinx VirtexPro II FPGA chip... please

I'd appreciate if someone could answer a few questions below: If you reply by email, REMOVE "SPAMNOMORE" in capital letters repeated in my address twice (edit address manually)!!

We ordered "Xilinx Virtex-Pro II" development kit, your answers will NOT change buying decisions - it?s already here, we need to know:

  1. Is it possible to put either Linux or Nucleus RTOS into this chip memory, to my knowledge your chip includes two PowerPC's and we intend to use it as a host? Note we need to know if either OS can be loaded, not both, we will experiment with Linux and then Nucleus RTOS (Nucleus RTOS is Realtime Operating System from AcceleratedTechnology/MentorGraphics Corporation, for Xilinx FPGA's embedded design).

  1. If yes, when Linux or Nucleus RTOS is loaded, will we get communications stack and drivers for IEEE 802.11 in ad-hoc mode (this as any EE Engineer knows is a wireless LAN standard)?

  2. If yes, then we'll purchase a standard IEEE 802.11 card, can this card be plugged into your development kit port? From what I gathered from my professor, he intends to plug this card into your "serial port", but seems strange to me.

  1. Maybe you can suggest additional Xilinx products to use in our IEEE

802.11 wireless communications project (ad-hoc mode)?

VirtexPro II development kit is already here and I was asked to research the above information to start design.

Thanks for your time.

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Mark Levitski
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yes with linux

there are no "standard cards" :), Linux drivers are for limited amount of chips

which one ? PCMCIA/CARDBUS/mPCI/PCI/USB - yes, GPIO + bitbanging - can be done, but its the hard way

not strange if this serial port is USB


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