Embedded PC Operating system

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Hi all,

We are choosing an embedded PC with mid-small form factors which will need
a24V supply.

We wish to get up and running  quickly and will use boards/cards with MS

Application will be  VB6 with a few text files and a few jpg files. 50~100

1.  Which Operating system

Windows CE
Embedded XP

Which would you choose and why

2. Power Supply

We have 24V from the internals of a truck and the embedded PC will have 24V
Dc input.

What would you recommend for spike protection , filtering etc.

How would you add battery backup?

How would you detect major supply failure and advise the embedded system to
save files and close.

Any suggestions or pointers would be appreciated.


Re: Embedded PC Operating system
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Linux would be my favourite. Rock solid and proven to be able to run for
years without reboots.
But the VB6 application would rule out linux and throw you back to MS stuff.
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I would use a 24V-24V DC/DC converter. The type that accepts anything
between say 15 - 30 V and turns it into clean 24V. Off the shelf-product.

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Add a battery before the DC/DC converter and separate it from the main 24V
with a power diode.

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With some device that measures the input voltage to the DC/DC converter and
signal the OS to shut down. Standard feature in linux.


Re: Embedded PC Operating system
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In my experience a diode isolated battery backup is essential as I
have seen the main Truck supply drop to some 2V while the engie was
being cranked.  This totally screwed the DC-DC converter which
produced all sorts of strange voltages on its output.

Dont forget a charger for the backup battery.


Re: Embedded PC Operating system
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No need for a separate charger. Use the setup used in boats: the generator
output goes to a battery isolator (actually two schottky diodes). Both
batteries are connected to an output each on the isolator.


Re: Embedded PC Operating system
Have you seen our newest product, the Thin Client?

The system embeds a Mini-ITX board that can run all Linux or Windows
along with a 8 - 30V DC voltage regulator which might prove useful in
this application. There is an option to run (2) 6V supplies
(batteries) in series, too.

Good luck,

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