porting linux on philips LPC2138

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Hai all,
I am having a embedded kit in which ARM7TDMI-S is the core.Its from
philips LPC 2138.Here I am very much intresrted to port linux on that
kit.(I am in learning curve of porting).Can anybody give me the needed
urls or suggestions to start porting on my new development kit,i will
be thankfull to all guys!

Urgently Needed Help
waiting for ur responses!

                        With Regards

                         emb in linux.

Re: porting linux on philips LPC2138
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I don't think it is possible because the LPC2138 only has 512 KB flash
and 32 KB ram. You will need an ARM system with 2-4 MB external flash
and ram.

Look at http://www.uclinux.org

If you want to use your LPC2138 with a RTOS then you could look at

Best regards
Rune Christensen

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