ORiNOCO ROR-1000 wireless access point

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Hello everyone,

I found a ROR-1000 AP from Lucent/ORiNOCO/Proxim/Avaya/Agere (I don't know who
has the hand on those devices now, it changed more than once, and it's not easy
to find out...).

Of course, the first thing done was to have the box opened, and I found some
interesting hardware.

There is a single board, on which are the following chips:
- AMD AM486DX5-133 processor
- ALI M1487 and ALI M1489 chipsets
- BASIS Communications (ex-Cirrus Logic) CL-PD6729 PCMCIA controller
- AMD PCnet-FAST III network controller
- EPIC Ei-16C550 serial FIFO UART

There is no way to plug a screen or a keyboard, but the serial port could be
used as console. There are two PCMCIA slots, which are originally used for
wireless cards, and I don't know if they can be used for something else.

All these chips are supported by linux (to my knowledge, correct me if I'm

Further, there are 4MB RAM (two GM71V18163CJ6 with 1M-words each), and 512kB
FlashROM (Hy29F040AC-90).

The device works with the original firmware, but there is not much I can do
with, since I do not have the pcmcia wireless cards.

My goal is to put a linux kernel on that board, which would boot over the
network. IMHO, that kernel has to be on the flash rom, and I don't know how to
program the flash memory, nor what has to be programmed exactly in it.

Where can I find information/tips/advice for that problem? Is it possible to put
a bigger flash-rom? What are possible limits?

Greetings from switzerland,


bram4 (_at_) bluewin [-D0T-] ch

Re: ORiNOCO ROR-1000 wireless access point

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buy CF-2-PCMCIA adapter and CF card - you will store your kernel with the  
whole OS there, all that has to be done is to write a bios (sounds scary)  
to bood off of that CF card

I really have no idea what this means. And since I can't install linux on  
it, I'm gonna go back to surfing pr0n.
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Re: ORiNOCO ROR-1000 wireless access point
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Yeah, I thought that. And I thought LinuxBIOS could be the bios-replacement, but
they do not seem to support the ALi M1587 chipset.

Of course writing a BIOS is scary, since you have to do it in assembler (You
have to put the processor in real mode), but I hope to find something which
could be used.



Re: ORiNOCO ROR-1000 wireless access point
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Sorry I meant protected mode. Needed to address more than 1MB of RAM.

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