no version for "function x" found: kernel tainted

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Hi All,
I am using two Dual BSD/GPL drivers for a stack development project.
Both modules use the MODULE_LICENSE("Dual BSD/GPL "). One of the
drivers depends on the other. When the modules gets loaded after
issuing insmod command , I see a tainted message in the kernel output
from the module that is calling the (function x) exported by other
module that a exported (function x ) has no version.

How do I fix this? - there is a requirement that no tainted messages


Re: no version for "function x" found: kernel tainted

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What's your problem with this message?


Re: no version for "function x" found: kernel tainted
Its client who has problem client specifically instruecte that there
shouldn't be any kernel tainted message.

another reason i want to solve this problem is for my knowledge
purpose i am still a beginner as far as linux platform is concern.

I really dont know what will be impact if i am ignoring this for now .

if you can tell me the reason why and when this kind of tainted
message comes it will help me to understansd what's wrong i am doing ,
and how and what need to be done for removing this message i will be
very thankfull to you.


Re: no version for "function x" found: kernel tainted
Hi All,
          Unless you expert people will not help us how will be able
to solve any problem for which people like us are having limited
knowledge or exposure for solving any particular problem is concern.


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