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Recently I was trying to implement a plb peripheral. I made a plb peripheral device using the "Create/Import Peripheral" utility and edited the user_logic.vhd file according to what I needed. I didn't forget to Import the peripheral after editing. Now here is the problem. When I used this peripheral in XPS and generated the netlist, it gave me the following error and exited.

XST synthesis plb_decoder_0_wrapper (plb_decoder_0) - E:\Test\xps_decoder\try01\system.mhs:63

- Running XST synthesis ERROR:Xst:813 - E:/Test/xps_decoder/try01/pcores/plb_decoder_v1_00_a/hdl/vhdl/user_logic.vhd line 53: Body of function UNSIGNED_NUM_BITS not found. ERROR:MDT - HDL synthesis failed! INFO:MDT - Refer to E:\Test\xps_decoder\try01\synthesis\plb_decoder_0_wrapper_xst.srp for details ERROR:MDT - platgen failed with errors! make: *** [implementation/reset_block_wrapper.ngc] Error 2 Done.

The plb_decoder_0_wrapper_xst.srp fiel doesn't say much either. It just exits where it enters the user_logic.vhd file after the library declarations. I am also giving a part of the .pao file where all my files listed can be seen:

lib plb_decoder_v1_00_a support_4M_pk lib plb_decoder_v1_00_a parameter_4M_pk lib plb_decoder_v1_00_a derived_param_4M_pk lib plb_decoder_v1_00_a types_4M_pk lib plb_decoder_v1_00_a Bit_Node

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Well I found out what the error was and thought of sharing it anyway :)

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