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Has anyone else seen this load of FUD on embedded.com?  http://

I expect more from them than to publish attack ads (from one of their
major advertisers, no less) disguised as articles.


Re: Embedded.com FUD
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yep.  Saw it last week and sent an response CCed to all embedded
engineers, I know, that may be duped by this.  Here is an extract...
"Motivation of this article is to put doubt on the minds of embedded
Linux adoptees.  I think a bit of perspective is called for .
G...hills sells very expensive embedded software systems which have
been approved for safety critical systems such as aircrafts and heart
implants.  .....[some confidential pricing stats]...
These prices would be ok for a safety critical system.  However most
embedded products out there are none safety critical (eg: microwaves,
routers, phones 85%etc) and since embedded Linux came to the market, it
has been cutting in to the profitability of G...hills and other
embedded software houses.  So I see nothing new in this attack on
embedded Linux (heck its like what Microsoft tries to do). On top of
that this guy is selectively pushing propaganda about other major
embedded houses......
Sure I wouldn92%t use embedded Linux for a safety critical system;  But
it92%s good enough for a high reliability system."

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