Minitar Wireless AP and Linux

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Hi folks,

I've just ordered a Minitar Wireless AP (, and
downloaded the latest firmware upgrade.  Decompressing the file and
sniffing for strings, it appears that this little device is running Linux.

The processor is a Realtek RTL8181 (I think it's a MIPS) - I've searched
but found no info on a Linux port for this device - just a lot of
references to linux drivers for realtek ethernet chips...

Can anybody shed any light on this?



Re: Minitar Wireless AP and Linux
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my google-torch shines:

It is a relatively new SoC by Realtek:
Based on a pretty old (1999) MIPS core by Lexra

so it shouldn't be too hard to cram a linux MIPS kernel into it once you know
rest of the SoC details.


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