GCC2.95 vs GCC3.3.2 compile for Linux Arm Kernel on MOT MX1 Dragonball

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I'm a newbie to Linux and I'm working with a Motorola MX1ADS board, it has
an MC92328 Dragonball CPU (Arm920T core) and I'm trying to re-compile the
kernel using GCC3.3.2. The board came with a GCC2.95 tool chain but does not
have C++ support.

I got a copy of the complete GCC3.3.2 toolchain from the net. When I
compiled the kernel with GCC3.3.2 there were some syntax issues that
prevented successful compilation. I've fixed these, and have now been able
to compile without error.

The resulting kernel runs, and many programs work fine. However Ethernet
does not work correctly. I can ping  the local host OK, but I can not go off
board. I get a "network unreachable" error after a short timeout. ifconfig
reports the hardware MAC address correctly, but the received data count is
always 0 bytes. I can compile the same sources with GCC2.95 and it works

The board uses a CS8900A chip from Crystal LAN with a custom driver written
by Motorola.

If anyone has any pointers as to what the problem could be, or how I may go
about debugging this problem, I'd greatly appreciate your input.

Thank you in advance.

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Dan McCarroll
email snipped-for-privacy@shaw.ca
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