Linux on Admtek ADM5120

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Hi !

Yesterday i bought wireless router which is based on ADM5120 chip.
I've read documentation about this chip and it is very intresting
(mainly ability to creating VLAN's and per port MAC filtering).
With this chip it is possible to do very advanced soap-box size
firewall/router/bridge device.
My last experience with embedded linux was my own firewall solution
based on device with RTL8181 onboard. It was great fun with it,
but it was quite easy - i've downloaded Realtek's SDK based
on linux 2.4.18, then tried open source SDK based on 2.4.27 kernel
and both worked well. Almost everything was done - i just needed
to compile busybox, apply ebtables to kernel, write some scripts
and device is ready and operating till today:)

But things doesn't look so easy with ADM5120. I know that almost
every device based on this chip runs embedded linux. So it is
possible to put my own linux into it. But i cannot find any SDK.
Newsgroups archives are almost empty. ADM5120 is quite new chip
so there is no starting point avalaible with google :)

Maybe at this group are people who already did something with
ADM5120. I have some (maybe lame and stupid) questions for them:
- is there any SDK which will have kernel and basic software
  already ported to ADM5120 ?
- if not - what should i try first ?
- ADM5120 is MIPS 4000. RTL8181 is MIPS 3000. Are they compatible?
  Is it possible to run software compiled for MIPS3000 on MIPS4000
  based chip?

at the end - some links:

ADM5120 datasheet:

Russian page about device similar to mine:
(yo can use to translate it to english) /

thanks for any advance
Marcin Szczepaniak

Re: Linux on Admtek ADM5120
Have a look at .  There
seems to be a faie amount of information and further links there.


On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 09:32:33 +0000, Marcin Szczepaniak wrote:

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