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Can anyone lead me to a tutorial to write a simple Makefile for
ColdFire Processors???



Re: makefile for ColdFire

neither of your two previous questions have really made much sense. wrote:
 > I'm looking for some Example Codes for MCF5282( ColdFire ). Will be
 > great if someone can help me start off by sharing their codes here.
nearly any source code can be compiled for the Coldfire processor.
e.g. Hello World in C

#include <stdio.h>
main() {
      printf ("Hello World!\n");

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same applies for Makefiles, most correctly written makefiles will
compile and link code for a Coldfire too.

You just need to ensure you're running m68k-elf-gcc as your gcc.
You can either change the makefile manually to call this, or set it up in your
shell environment variables.

If you run a cross compiling build system, it does this for you already.
There are lots of these that work for coldfire processors already, including our
own snapgear linux, which i've already recommended to you.


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