ColdFire -- MCF5282

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Hello Members

I want some help on MCF5282, the ColdFire series of Processors.

First and foremost, where do i start off from, considering that am
pretty new to the ColdFire arch???

What are my options as well as opensource Compilers , Debuggers are
Is there something based of the Eclipse Platform , like there are
plugins for ARM???

Also, where can i find some Online Tutorials, that can help me
kickstart my work???

Any useful inputs will be very helpful at this stage.

thanks & regards


Re: ColdFire -- MCF5282

The SnapGear linux distribution has good coldfire support.
And it has at least one 5282 device config already included (Avnet5282).
All info is here: /

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Re: ColdFire -- MCF5282

Hi Damion

thanks for that.. that gives me something to start off with

I'm also looking for QEMU, so that i can run uCLinux on windows(
MCF5282 being my target device )...

I've not been able to find the installation files for QEMU. will
appreciate if you can give me some hints or tips on how to get the
whole thing set up.


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Re: ColdFire -- MCF5282

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This Link will help you :-)
There you can download Qemu for win32 platform, documentation is included.


Re: ColdFire -- MCF5282
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If I understand this correctly (I'm investigating on doing Eclipse for
ARM development), Eclipse does not need to know about the CPU
architecture. You need to set up Eclipse with CDT and create a cross
compile environment with the GNU tools for your processor. Eclipse
makes/uses a make file that cross compiles using the gnu tools and
interfaces to the appropriate cross GDB. the cross GDB on the PC in turn
interfaces via serial or Ethernet link with the GDB kernel running in
the Linux on the Target CPU.

hope that helps,


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