make zImage doesnt create zImage.elf

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I have followed all the steps exactly as given in
I am using Fedora core 2 on i386 machine.
I have compiled a 2.4.26 kernel for ppc 405.
I wanted to load it onto my board which is ml310 board from xilinx.
When I run make zImage I dont get zImage.elf in my arch/ppc/boot/images
Instead I get 2 files called zImage.treeboot and vmlinux.gz and a
vmlinux file in my root directory.
I tried to load the vmlinux file onto the board and it does load
successfully .I run con and the processor starts too.
 but the problem is the minicom terminal doesnt show anything.

and the loading takes place at 0xc0000000 onwards( as  shown in XMD
window). I suspect I am not loading the correct file.Do I need a .elf
file ?
If so how do I get one.

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