Function is in but not in /proc/ksyms

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I use

int function_name()
{       /* some stuff */

in a .c file and modified the Makefile to include the appropriate .o file in

Everything compiles fine, function_name appears in like this:

c0020bb0  T   function_name
c015682c  R   __kstrab_function_name
c02352ac  R   __ksymtab_function_name

However, when I try to insmod a module that uses function_name, it's

when I delete the line with EXPORT_SYMBOL in the .c file, the "R-entries" in dissapears. (Not surprisingly still unresolved on insmod)

Either way, the symbol does not appear in /proc/ksyms on the target
hardware, which is pretty strange, because all symbols that are
successfully in /proc/ksyms look the same in (one T-entry, 2

Probably I do something wrong, could somebody give me a hint?

Thank you very much,


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