Looking for MIPS32 and ARM Linux systems to run GCC testsuite on

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As the readers of the crossgcc mailing list know,
I've put together a universal build-and-test script for
gcc/glibc/linux crosstoolchains; you tell it
what CPU type, more or less, and it builds
a crosscompiler targeting that chip (assuming it's
one supported by glibc) and runs the full gcc/glibc
regression test suite on it.
It's at http://kegel.com/crosstool
and has only been tested on sh4, ppc405, and ppc750 because
that's all the embedded hardware I have to test it on.
(It's a bit shaky on the sh4 still, but the ppc seems solid.)

It'd be Real Nice to have real MIPS and ARM targets to test
my cross-compiler build script on, but I don't have any handy.
Anyone know where I can pick up an old MIPS32-based
or ARM-based system of any sort running Linux for cheap or free?
(Like an old Cobalt Qube, say, or a PDA?)
Ideally it'd have at least 32 MB of RAM, and an
Ethernet connection, and would already have Linux loaded.
I'd like to set up something like a tinderbox
build eventually so we can make sure new releases of
gcc actually work unpatched as cross-compilers out of the box.


Re: Looking for MIPS32 and ARM Linux systems to run GCC testsuite on
For $249, you can get a board from LPD and download Linux for it.   Check
out the Application Developers kits at:

These boards are new but I believe they have a Linux port freely available
for the Sharp LH79520 at their web-site.


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