Re: problem with utelnetd

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Did you link it with the math library as the ARM don't has any math
functions on core? And if the math library is linked dynamically, is it in
the search path available?


Markus Pietrek

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Re: problem with utelnetd
Solved it. It was because of a uClibC configuration option that I had
incorrectly selected: "Add unresolved libgcc symbols to uClibc" I
de-selected this, recompiled the uClibc library, re-compiled the
utelnetd daemon put it on  my file system and hey presto the error

I'm now on to my next problem. When I try to telnet to the target I
get the following messages returned:

Machine that I am telnetting from:

Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Connection closed by foreign host.

Target machine:
telnetd: starting
  port: 23; interface: any; login program: /bin/login

# All network ports in use!

I've read lots of solutions to this type of problem but I can't seem
to make any of them fit!!!

I've tried doing an mknod of the form 'mknod ptyp0 c 2 0'. But I'm at
the limit of my knowledge here!!!!

ANY ideas??


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