looking for embedded board with miniPCI

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Hi All,

I'm looking for a small embedded linux platform that has one or two
miniPCI slots. So far I've only found a meshcube (meshcube.org). But
unforunatly hey don't sell it any more. I also looked at Soekris and PC
Wrap but they are too big.
What boards do you use?


Re: looking for embedded board with miniPCI
Why not buy a small OEM card system (e.g. with an ATMEL ARM9200 chip,
there are several ones with Flash, RAM and Ethernet Phy) and create a
simple PCB as a carrier for the card and the miniPCI card(s).

Some of those OEM card companies offer development boards which might
have mini PCI slots (e.g. for WLAN modems)


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