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Hi I use FC4 linux. I tried to build linux 2.4.X. While I was building, I mistakenly overwritten FC4 /etc file with backup option enabled. Since some problem came in command windows, not displaying user name, I replaced the *.*~ files (backed up files) to *.* file (restored normal). But what I forgot is to replace some files with no dot extension, like *~ . I restarted, its starting kernel but ends up saying init /etc/inittab[1]:missing ID filed init /etc/inittab[2]:missing ID filed init /etc/inittab[3]:missing ID filed . . . init /etc/inittab[6]:missing ID filed

and asked which level to run, I tried all options but its hanging.

Then I tried by giving s in the run level , then its booting to the embedded linux as root. I tried to restore the files with ~ extension, but its saying the file system is only readable. I couldnt change the permission / move/ write any files.

The files which got changed in /etc are , fstab host.conf (I restored) init.d (I restored) (I restored) passwd resolv.conf (I restored) group hosts inittab motd profile rpc initd.conf (I restored) issue nssuitch.conf (maybe spelling wrong) protocols services

In the /etc/init.d directory, rcH & rcS files are added.

How can I restore the FC4. I think if I start init with backup files in command line, I could be able to login, but I dont know how to do that.

Please help me Prakash

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I don't have any experience with FC, but I'll give you some generic advice.

It seems to me that your inittab file is bad. Boot to your favorite rescue disk (i.e., Knoppix, some old floppy, etc.), mount your hard drive, and fix your inittab file. You can either restore it or rewrite it (for details see `man 5 inittab').

If this does not work, can you please post the contents of /etc/inittab, which will give us a clue of where to look for the problem.


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