Backup and restore of files!

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I want to implement a backup and restore function on a embedded
system. I thought about to use tar to put all the files into a backup
file. And on restore just untar them.
Is this a good way to implement such a function or is there better


Re: Backup and restore of files! (Goran) writes:

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That is one way to implement a backup-like function.  You don't really
provide enough information to suggest if it would be adequate or not.

 - What sort of system is your device?  

 - What is the size of the files?

 - What is the size of the storage in your device?

 - Is the backup intended to let files survive a failure of the
   embedded storage hardware?

 - What other ways are there to get bits out?  Expansion cards,
   network interfaces, control busses, what?

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Re: Backup and restore of files!
Thanks for your response Grant.
I know i didn't provide vey much information but i will add some here.
This embedded system runs the 2.4 Linux kernel.
The files i want to backup is user/password configurations, SNMP
configurations and some other configuration files. Are are quite small
files and storage area should not be any problem.
I though about to do the backup in two steps. First the generation of
the backup file on the embedded system and then downloaded with ftp.
To restore the system upload of the file and then run a command with
the backfile as argument. Quite simple i hope.

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