Elinos Kernel Panic "Init not found try init="

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Hello all,

I am monica working on Kontron Xboard 861(x86 arch) board.I am using
ELINOS embeeded linux as operating system.I am able to bring up the
system from a floppy with syslinux boot loader.When I tried to bring it
up on a Flash disk with GRUB boot loader as boot loader,I am getting
Kernel Panic "Init not found try init=".

It is not neccessary that I have to use GRUB boot loader only,I can
even use boot over network.but it seems to be complex.

Can any body suggest some documentation or web site or solution or any

Thank you in advance,
Monica Dsouza,

Re: Elinos Kernel Panic "Init not found try init="
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It seems that the kernel does not find the first user
program to run. It is usually called 'init', as the
standard startup program is /sbin/init which then
starts the rest by interpreting the contents of

I checked my copy of kernel sources (2.4.27). The
kernel first attempts to run the file given in the
kernel parameter 'init=', then in succession the
files /sbin/init, /etc/init, /bin/init and /bin/sh.
If none is found, the kernel gives the panic message
you've seen. The source is in the file /usr/src/linux/
init/main.c, function init().

There is the document BootPrompt-HOWTO in the Linux
Documentation Project. Another maybe useful HOWTO
is From-PowerUp-To-Bash-Prompt-HOWTO, although it
is somewhat dated.

The GRUB manual <http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/
gives details how to give the kernel parameters via GRUB.

HTH  (Tschuess)


Tauno Voipio
tauno voipio (at) iki fi

Re: Elinos Kernel Panic "Init not found try init="
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Last time I looked (which is admittedly a while ago), the actual
problem behind this could also be the kernel failing to mount
the root filesystem: The init program has to reside somewhere
within the root FS, so, if the mount fails, it cannot execute
init, which causes this somewhat misleading error message.

Check if the preceeding messages contain something along the
lines of "failed to mount root".


Re: Elinos Kernel Panic "Init not found try init="

Thank you very much for your kind support.


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