Linux on a IXDP465 ?

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Hi all!

I tried to port the Snapgear Linux kernel on a IXDP465 board.

I installed the toolchain provided on the snapgear website (the one for
Xscale/ARM) and I compiled succesfully.

However, when I start Linux on the machine (by issuing the "load"
command of both the kernel and the ramdisk, followed by a "go" command)
the machine hangs without any message.

It could be an endianess problem.

Did somebody succesfully ported a Linux kernel on this architecture ?
If so, which toolchain and kernel were used ?

Any suggestion is welcome!

Many thanks,


Re: Linux on a IXDP465 ?
Hi Claudio,

Which SnapGear linux release are you using?
Version 3.3.0 has support for the Intel IXDP465 board already - just
select the Intel/IXDP465 target with either 2.4 or 2.6 kernel.
Make sure you have the arm-linux-tools-20051123.tar.gz toolchain.

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