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I've gotten my framebuffer working, but the logo that appears at boot
doesn't seem to be displayed in the correct colors.  The tux logo is
all purple.  I've tested the framebuffer device as suggested in QT
HOWTO-framebuffer.doc and I get a gradiated red square as it says, so
I know there isn't a color problem with my display.

I have an Epson S1D13806 graphics controller hooked up to a Sharp
320x240 TFT LCD panel runnining in 16bit color mode.  Any ideas as to
why the logo is not showing up properly?

On another note, I've tried using the fblogo application to create my
own boot up logo from a png file, but I can't seem to get it to work.
I have a 320x240 bitmap and I've changed fbcon.c, but I just get
garbage on the screen.  Any ideas?

Re: linux framebuffer logo colors
Well i'am far from being an expert but I've just worked on such a
configuration under Windows CE.
My advice would be to get the "s1d13806cfg.exe" application (works with
Windows but Linux I'am not sure...). you just have to give your
configuration and it will give you the values for the EPSON registers.
I don't think the Sharp may change colours...
hope it will be helpfull

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