Joseph Michael, Where is your proof you won European Inventor Of The Year Award?

Below you will see the insane ranting of Joseph Michael, elected President of comp.os.linux.advocacy (I am not kidding!).

Joseph Michael makes many claims, such as this:

Joseph Michael, Where is your proof you won European Inventor Of The Year Award?

The organization that makes that award has never heard of you.

Not a single Linux herd member of comp.os.linux.advocacy will challenge Joseph Michael to present proof of this and his other very bizarre claims.

That's what Linux advocacy has sunk to.

A collection of liars all patting each other on the back.

Foster when did you become radicalized into anti-Linux Internet terrorist? > ----------------------------------------------------------------------- > > Could you recall the exact moment you were radicalized? > > And who radicalized you? > > Did they offer you any sweets? > > (DFS got some - did you?) > > And why did your radicalization distort you into an Internet terrorist > and a short necked Internet troll we hear about so often on the news?
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Who cares ignore them

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Baho Utot

We are not the one making claims of winning a prestigious award. That's a Linux advocate, in fact the president of comp.os.linux.advocacy, Joseph Michael.

We are also not the person defending Joseph Michael.

That would be you, Chris Ahlstrom who at one time made a statement claiming that you were not worthy to wipe the pee pee of certain men.

Yes Chris Ahlstrom, that's what you said.

More lies from those who LIE for LIEnux.

Prove it. You can't can you. So you LIE for LIEnux.

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