Job-programmer for 6 degree of freedom motion platform

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I need a programmer to control a 6 degree of freedom motion platform. The
actuators are of the hydraulic type and are controlled by solenoids. The
position of the actuators is sensed by linear potentiometers. You will
interface to a 6 channel A/D converter and MOSFET solenoid drivers. Previous
documented experience with motion platforms is required. This job is in the
Los Angeles area. I will accept either fixed bids or pay by the hour. I
would prefer that the code be in C to run under FreeDOS or Linux. It could
also run
standalone on a microcontroller if you prefer. The processor that will run
your code will be dedicated to it.

This platform is a fairly large unit, standing about 12' high and measuring
about 15' in length. The actuators are capable, I am told, of driving the
platform at several Gs.

 Only programmers with relevant experience will be considered.

Please reply to this newsgroup or preferably to: lbh2003#pcmagic#net
(replace the appropriate symbols with appropriate symbols)

Thank you

Re: Job-programmer for 6 degree of freedom motion platform

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A posting like this should conform to an RFQ(Request For Quote) format. To
consider such a thing, we need lots more information. A Requirements
Document, estimated budget(if available), time frame, location of work
(does the programmer work from home or in a cube farm?). All these are
Russ Lyttle
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