How to write a sample program "Hello world" using arm assembly language for gnu as(gas) to compile?


I have an arm board, which is runnig Linux. My question is would anyone tell me how to write a "Hello, World" program using ARM assembly language, compiled by gnu as(gas) on Linux? Thanks.

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Personally, I would have thought that the easiest way would be to write it in C first and then compile it using the "-S" option. This option tells gcc to compile, but not assemble. You may also need a -m switch to tell gcc to produce ARM assembly.


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Pete Brett
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Keichii -

First build yourself a gcc cross-compile for Arm. There's help here.

Create a C program to do what you want.

Cross-compile to assembly, using the "-S" option, eg. "arm-unknown-linux-gnu-gcc -S hello.c"

- Glen

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