how to compile library for use without OS ?

I am writing a library for ARM. My work station is running Debian and Gentoo Linux on x86.

The target is an ARM dragonball. It has a bootstrap, and shall not have any OS.

My library is written in POSIX C98, compiled under Linux.

The bootstrap is created by some one else using C++ and IAR on Windows.

I need to produce a static library, so that the other company, let me call them Zoro, can link my lib with their bootstrap, and call my functions.

Since I can cross compile to produce a static library, and can provide Zoro with a header file, I really think it should be easy for me to write a lib, and provide a header, the problem is that I have no clue how to

- cross compile for ARM from x86

- create a static library for use with direct boot strap

- how Zoro shall call and include my lib in their project.

I have already written dynamic libs for Linux.

The problem is that i dont know how to:

- cross compile

- create a lib for standalone use (without OS)

- write a bootstrap in C++ and call funtions inside my lib

Zoro will call my lib, but I shall tell them how to do so.

I hope I have been clear, feel free to ask back about any fuzzy point.

DEMAINE Benoit-Pierre (aka DoubleHP )
\_o< If computing were an exact science, IT engineers would not have work >o_/
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DEMAINE Benoit-Pierre
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