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We are a team developing a firewall box using embedded linux. The
kernel and the interface parts of the project are underway but we are
bit stuck in terms of hardware design since we want to manufacture our
own board. We would like to know if we can get our hands on a good
source of information to allow us to design a good platform or find a
good embedded kit to get us started.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.


Re: hardware design for embedded linux
snipped-for-privacy@intelbras.com.br (lyes) writes:

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For a firewall?  Purpose-built, entirely workable firewall boards are
a dime a dozen.  Generic or industrial PC hardware can sometimes be
used for even less.  Why do you need to make your own hardware?

For that matter, which Linux-specific features make it the appropriate
choice over other operating systems?

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What are the processing, memory, and peripheral requirements of your
application?  Identify these requirements, then shop around for the
most suitable devices(s) to meet them.

"Kits" generally come in the form of eval boards and reference
designs.  Pretty much everybody sells both, usually with one or more
of a rudimentary Linux port ("it boots, ship it!"), a VxWorks BSP, or
something else.

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