Backporting V4L2 (Video 4 Linux 2)

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Anybody backported  V4L2 (Video 4 Linux 2) from 2.6.26 later to
previous versions (like 2.6.18 etc) ?


We have a platform which is running 2.6.18 kernel, and most of our
modules are developed on that.Our hardware team developed new webcam
which requires UVC(US?B VIdeo Class)  driver for its operations. So I
backported UVC driver from 2.6.26 to 2.6.18 .

But I found that ,

1)performance is not so good , due to old  V4L2 (Video 4 Linux 2
2)Features are minimum
3)We are going to manufacture different more cards , which V4L2 of
2.6.18 kernel might not have support

Decision : I decided to backport 2.6.26 to 2.6.18 , but I find it  has
lot many differences

Question:     Did anybody backported V4 L2 ? If so , how much time did
it take and what would be the complexity of the task

Re: Backporting V4L2 (Video 4 Linux 2)
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I didn't do it, but I would expect it to be hard (if not impossible).

Why not upgrade the kernel?

Re: Backporting V4L2 (Video 4 Linux 2)
Hi Anon

We have lot of corporate  kernel modules , which are  written on
kernel 2.6.18 . It would be difficult task to port every other modules
to new kernel , for that sake of one module

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