Python woes, works in CMD line, but not in PyCharm


So my first Python program, trying to get some data from a Siglent DMM

When I run CMD and Python, I can import a library called PyVisa, like this

import pyvisa

I can then connect and write to my instrument on USB

But, if I open PyCharm editor and write the same and execute, I get:

File "C:\Users\klaus\PycharmProjects\DCSweep2ndTry\", line 1, in <module>

import pyvisa ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pyvisa'

So tried to look for pyvisa, but have no idea where is has been installed (did a search of the HDD, to no evail)

Any hints how to proceed?

Delete all programs and start again? (pyvisa is probably installed in a non typical way, in the Python environment, and I have no idea how to find it)



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Klaus Vestergaard Kragelund
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lørdag den 11. september 2021 kl. 23.03.35 UTC+2 skrev Klaus Kragelund:

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Lasse Langwadt Christensen

I did find this initially. And did find 4 files listed in "Python interpreter". But I cannot remove any of them

That worked:

You can do this by going into Pycharm->Preferences->Project Interpreter and click the "+" sign to look for PyVISA and have pip install it for you. You should be able to import it afterwards.

Lasse, you have saved my day. Spend 2 hours sofar trying to get it working. Thank you very much



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Klaus Vestergaard Kragelund

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