failed to mount file system on boot

I have just build Linux I am using Grub to boot it. When the kernel loads it cannot find by filesystem. My grub bootline looks like this : /boot/vmlinuz- ro root=/dev/sda1

Any suggestions would help


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Steve West
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Okay, you seem to be trying to use a hard driver for the root filesystem, so what I'd check is:

  • Is it the right drive (sdb1 rather than sda1 etc)
  • Are the appropriate drivers for the drive built in to the kernel (I'd check with make menuconfig even if you copied the .config from a working older kernel as the names occasionally change).
  • Do you have support for the root filesystem type built into the kernel (ie ReiserFS/ext3/etc...).

Cheers, John McCallum

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John McCallum


Post the last few lines on the default console. Usually that gives a good indication to what the problem is.

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