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Hi Guys,

I am quite new on Linux.
I read some books on the topics.
they explain how to setup your environment and so on... -> Fine

But what I would like to see is some examples.....

Do you know where I can find some ?
Some small application examples...
that will help me more now...

Any idea where I can find this ?

Thanks & regards,

Re: Example
On Mon, 20 Apr 2009 19:46:34 +0100, Steve rearranged some electrons to

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Perhaps if you give some more information, such as what hardware platform
and distribution you're interested in, someone may be able to help you.
Otherwise, your question is so vauge that it is unanswerable.

You might try
http://tldp.org /

Re: Example
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Hi David,

OK, sorry about that...

I didn't choose any hardware yet.
I would like to develop an MP3 player ..
( I know that exist already .. :-)

The point is that I would like to make some tests and see how to program
in C language, a audio Wolfson device...

then, I wish to be able to retrieve an MP3 ( broadcasted over TCP/IP and
transfer it to the Speaker)

.. and I should admit, that I know how to start...

To be honest, if I could have an example ( like an ARM or Coldfire
baseboard, and see how this can be programmed.. That will help me to
understand on a specific example


Re: Example
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Take an existing open sourced application and look at the source code.

Re: Example

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This might help:http://embdev.net/articles/ARM_MP3/AAC_Player
There is no OS, but bare metal code.

Re: Example
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Did you check out this board?
The Elektor Internet Radio, can run Linux.
Also runs NutOS which has a BSD license.

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