Has anyone remote(serial) debugged kernel using KGDB after merged in kernel

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Hi all.
I'm now trying to debug kernel 2.6.27 using KGDB.

Actually, kernel I need to debug is running on embedded board PXA270
that is xscale .
2.6.27 merge plan supports arm core. so, It may be possible to debug
pxa270 using KGDB after 2.6.26
if I implement all of what I have to do.

but I already read source code for kgdb, there has been changed code.
so I wonder that someone has already done remote debugging using KGDB
after 2.6.26.

I just need information It is possible to debug using KGDB after

If anybody has done this job, plz tell me what you did to kernel like
kernel command line, modified source, etc..

thanks in advance.

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