Embedded linux installed base

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Does anyone know of a website that might have some estimates on the
installed base of linux embedded machines?

I'm running into some flak about "no one uses linux" and "no one
understands linux" from mgt....  and I need some backup data...

Apparently one of our sister companies installed an "embedded PC" -
basically a regular PC with hard drives and all - in an outside
enclosure, and it promptly failed when winter came.  It's because of
'linux', not because of boneheaded design....

So I need something that says, there are 100 million cell phones running
embedded linux, there are 5 million linux programmers, etc.


Re: Embedded linux installed base
Hi Captain,

Great Gadget Smack-Down at www.linuxdevices.com
(http://www.linuxdevices.com/articles/AT6743418602.html ) should be a
good start.

It is never an easy debate.

I had myself tried to go through the possible arguments for or against
last summer, and had written a report after that, which you can find at
http://www.4real.se/pdf/linux_ert_survey_4real.pdf .

Good luck.

Best regards,


Captain Dondo wrote:
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Re: Embedded linux installed base

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When I hear this resistance from my group I just pull out a list of products
that are embedded Linux based, e.g. Tivo, wrt54g router, zaurus pda, etc.
There's several millions of all of those. But, http://www.linuxdevices.com /
may have better info.


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