[ANN]: Configurable Software for Resource-constraint Embedded Systems

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Free configurable software packages!!! (see below for download instructions)

Embedded Artists (www.EmbeddedArtists.com) is proud to present a repository
of configurable software packages for resource-constraint embedded systems.
The packages implements infrastructure functions, commonly found in many
embedded systems. Examples of such functionality: real-time operating system
(RTOS), TCP/IP, PPP, web server, file system, data structures, event logger,
database connection, etc.

- All program packages are configurable in order to fit every
  specific application, and create an as optimal implementation as possible.
- An easy-to-use graphical configuration tool is used to configure the
program packages.
- The configuration tool gives guidance which options that are suitable in
different situations.
- All program packages contain extensive documentation, both about function
  implementation, along with exemple programs.
- All program packages are delivered with source code in ANSI-C.
- All program packages have been developed especially for
  embedded systems where typically data memory (RAM) is the limiting

Graphical Configuration  - InfraBedT
With the help from Embedded Artists' unique graphical configuration tool,
InfraBed, the source code can be adapted and configured to a specific
solution. The tool ease the configuration process by giving guidance of
suitable options in different situations. Based on the selections made,
source code is generated (in ANSI-C) as well as documentation (in PDF).

InfraBed can be downloaded for free together with a number of free program
packages. Embedded Artists offer a Real-time Operating System (RTOS) and
UDP/IP Protocol Stack for free usage in non-commercial applications. The
operating system can be used together with virtually all 8/16/32-bit
processors and is very configurable. UDP/IP is often exactly what is needed
when connecting small and simple applications to Internet.

There is also demo version of a JAVAT VM, especially developed for
resource-constraint embedded systems. This program package is made available
in a cooperation with RTJ Computing Pty. Ltd.

InfraBed is downloaded at: http://www.EmbeddedArtists.com, select the
"Download" menu. The RTOS and UDP/IP will be available for registered users
(which is free and simple to do, and without any obligations). All reference
documents can be downloaded separately under the "Download" menu), along
with a whitepaper presenting a method to reuse embedded systems software.

Embedded Artists

PS. Have a look at our link collection, where we have gathered a fairly
large number of links covering interesting topics for embedded systems
developers. Available under the "Knowledge" menu. DS.

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