Rabbit Core Module: programming issue


Before posting I read a lot of message several forums. I run the Dynamic C 10.11 with a Rabbit Core Module RCM4100. I have programmed several times the module on my own board composed of a 3V3 power supply, a LED connected to PE1 and nothing else. The /reset in is unconnected as it is tied-up on the module itself.

I wrote a simple program to flash the led and it works fine. After several programming cycles I can't connect to the processor anymore. The IDE returns error while is sending Cold Loader.

If I remove the programming cable the led flashes as expected, so the module is running. Furthermore:

  • both primary and RTC clock are running
  • power supply is ok
  • checked the PROG connector rather DIAG
  • checked the right COM port on laptop
  • the lapton has a native COM port, I don't use an USB serial converter
  • turned off, turned on after 1h: same error

If I move the module from my board to the Rabbit DevBoard I can program it. Thus, I guess there is a problem with my board... But why I was able to program before?

What should I check?

Thanks Marco / iw2nzm

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Marco Trapanese
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