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i have 2 projects app and loader i have to jump to address 0x8000 from the loader to app that the code loader set in 0x0000 and the app set at 0x8000 at the same flash my problem is the vector interrupt the loader jump to this address and start execute the program and waiting for interrupt,after i burn the loader project it damage something in the app project?


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... it might have helped if you had mentioned what hardware platform you're talking about...

That depends entirely on what your hardware looks like. You can't typically have the application code image write *anything* into the micro's interrupt vector table during download time. That leaves options like bank-switching (i.e. making address 0x8000 *be* 0x0000, effectively), configurable positions of the interrupt vector table (by writing into some configuration register), or having the main interrupt vector table entries go through a code pointer stored in data memory, or jump to modifiable code memory.

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Standard response for this type of query.

What Processor? What Tools (language(s), vendor, OS(if any))?


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