56F8000 bootloader application test file

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I am trying to find "test_app_56F801x.S" S-Record file or the source
that is supposedly included with this Codewarrior IDE.   (CodeWarrior
Development Studio for Freescale DSP56800/E Hybrid Controllers,
version 7.1)

I can't locate either the source or the .S file in any of the
directories.  Does anyone have this  or know where I can find
it ?

I am having suspicions that support for this product is not going to
be very good.   There are phone numbers for Freescale but it would
sure be nice if there was a good forum to bounce questions from people
using this stuff.  I find user's forums normally have more info flying
around and many more can benefit from the answers.

  The yahoo groups.yahoo.com/group/motoroladsp  is moderated and my
posting from the other day hasn't even shown up yet.  I am used to
having  forums available at least for the processors I have been using
lately and all have been very helpful.  I dont' see too much activity
on the comp.dsp or embedded newsgroups relating to these DSP lately.
Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places.  Google is usualy very good at
finding good stuff though.  Not this file though.
Years ago I played with the old Motorola 56001 DSPs with success.

boB   K7IQ
Everett, WA

From the Bootloader manual:

Appendix A Serial Bootloader Test Application
A simple test application is provided for the Serial Bootloader
application. This application fills the entire Program Flash array
with functional code, along with a sequential data pattern. When
executed, the application checks for the expected pattern of data in
the Program Flash locations not used for storing code. If the data
pattern verification was successful, the application blinks a
green LED at 1Hz. Otherwise, a red LED blinks at 1Hz to indicate
To download the Serial Bootloader test application, use the host
terminal program of choice to send the select the appropriate
test_app_56F801x.S S-Record file after booting a 56F801x device
preloaded with the Serial Bootloader application. The Serial
Bootloader test application is available in a S-record format for each
56F801x device (i.e., test_app_56F8013, test_app_56F8014, etc.).
The software is also available as a Metrowerks’ Codewarrior project,
capable of reproducing the test_app_56F801x S-record files.

Re: 56F8000 bootloader application test file
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I would say to try the Freescale website: www.freescale.com
in the list of software and appnotes for the DSP56F800/E

I have found several of the bootloaders and demo software for other
processors on their site.

Good Luck,

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