Automounting USB Disk in Linux Kernel 2.4.20

Hi, I have a USB disk that needs to mounted automatically whenever i plug in my system. I want to implement this in my Linux 2.4.20 kernel. Can anyone advice where i have to look for this. Rgds sivam

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Add your device to /etc/updfstab.conf.default. This works on RH9. It adds the mountpoint automatically when you connect your USB disk. e.g. /mnt/flash One still need to do a mount /mnt/flash before accessing it.

Regards Anton Erasmus

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Anton Erasmus

Create a directory /mnt/usbdisk. Put the following lines into your Bash script:

#!/bin/bash modprobe usb-storage cd /mnt mount usbdisk

Save this script into /home/username/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts

Now plug in your usb disk, then right-click desktop and run the script you just saved. usbdisk icon should appear.

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