AT91 Memory Extension card (NEW)

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I'm selling a memory extension card for the AT91 evaluation boards.
This boards has 2 MB of SRAM, 1 MB of Flash, and an Ethernet
I use this board with an AT91EB55 (wiht 1 MB of SRAM) with microLinux.
If anyone is interested in this Memory Extension Board send me an
Just a final note most of the AT91EB55 that are sold came with only
512 KB of SRAM to run micro Linux more SRAM is necessary.
You can unsolder the SRAM that came with the evaluation board and
solder two Chips of 512x8. I can also sell those chips.
Thank you very much for your time

Re: AT91 Memory Extension card (NEW)
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I have an AT91 R40807 board will your memory expansion board work with
this dev board?  Will uClinux run on this board?


Re: AT91 Memory Extension card (NEW)
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Hi James.

The board was tested with the following evaluation boards from ATMEL:

- AT91EB55
- AT91EB01
- AT91EB63

I think that it will also work with your board.
I run uClinux in the AT91EB55 with the memory extension board, I have
1 MB of SRAM in the AT91EB55 and 2 MB of SRAM in the memory expansion
I found at the web people with distributions of uClinux for the
AT91EB01, so someone might be working with uClinux to the AT91EB40.

Luis de Sousa

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