Troubleshooting vacuum pumps

Hi, hope someone have time to help me with one of my lifes problems... I have currently two dead vacuum pumps, both having same symptoms.. When power is turned on, I can only hear a weak noise thats similar to the sound coming from a transformer. These are two vacuum pumps, one being a rotary vane oil pump and the other is a membrane pump.

I thoat in beginning that problem was in the starting capacitors... but changing them didn't help much..

Any idea what could be the problem? Does this sound like a foalt in the electronics or mechanics? What would be the next thing to check?

Thanks in advance

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Are the motors free to turn by hand? What was the improvement when you changed the capacitors? What are the'electronics' supposed to do? Have you bypassed this and configured as a simple motor. Have the pumps ever worked in your ownership - i.e. were you give dead ones?

more info needed


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Bob Minchin

  1. one of the pumps are stuck..
  2. Bad motor (open winding). Try giving the motor a spin when you apply power..
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